Infinite Funding


Infinite FundingSuccess based pricing provides the lowest risk investment for any client. With this pricing model, compensation for PROFIT INSIGHT® customized solutions is BASED on RESULTS. No up front fees.


Revenue Insight + Cost Insight = PROFIT INSIGHT®

Light-Touch •  Low Risk •  High Reward Engagements



Benefits are payable on an agreed share of benefits that are received by Bank.(1). Benefits are calculated on “net benefit” of solutions after any implementation costs(2). Benefits are payable on after solutions have been implemented and additional revenue is generated.

Our revenue enhancement and cost savings opportunities are guaranteed to improve your bottom line. In no time, these opportunities become self-funding from the infinite benefits they deliver. Our pricing models and solutions maximize customer return-on-investment while minimizing their internal resource requirements.


(1) incidental expenses of engagement managers are payable by client.
(2) Amounts paid to PROFIT INSIGHT® are not included in implementation costs