Insight 360™ is the holistic approach of revenue enhancement developed by PROFIT INSIGHT®. This system focuses on five key areas - deposits, loans, issuing, acquiring and business operations – and works to enhance revenue, reduce costs, strengthen portfolios and improve operations for every client. Combined with our knowledge of best practices, experience, market awareness and ongoing research, we identify, assess and capture new opportunities with customized and targeted solutions.


Revenue Assurance:
Review, Identify and recommend fixes for revenue under-collection for systemic issues and applying internal and external benchmark.

Revenue Enhancement:
Review and optimize product parameters and processes to maximize revenue efficiency.

New Products and Services:
Identify new product and value added services that can be monetized based on global and in-market benchmarks and best practices.

Operational Efficiency:
Identify opportunities on Operational Expenses (OpEx) by reducing process complexity.

Provide insights regarding compliance and exposure assessment with Regulatory changes and risk policies.

Identify actionable insights bench-marked against best practices to enhance profitability.


Helping employees and customers contribute more to your financial goals.


  • No preconceived notions or prior assumptions.
  • A wholly objective examination
  • Focus on behavior and adoption