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Amanda Sheppard - Director International


Amanda has been working in payments for 19 years and is an experienced consultant having worked with multiple clients across Europe on engagements at both a strategic and tactical level. She was one of the inaugural members of the Visa Europe consulting team established in 2008, and was responsible for setting up the consulting practice for Visa in the Nordics.

Amanda has a particular interest in improving access to data, and exploring ways to use and monetise it. The emphasis is on helping business users within banks more readily utilise transaction data to monitor portfolio performance, identify opportunities for growth and react more quickly to changing market conditions and customer behaviour that might impact a banks’ business.

Given the growing importance (and volume) of data in financial services, Amanda is also interested in advanced analytics techniques to maximise value from data such as spatial analytics and leveraging Artificial Intelligence (machine and deep learning) to accelerate and automate the analysis of data more efficiently and effectively.



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