More than forty years of success

Historical Highlights

Jun 15, 1973

Gas shortages of the 70's.
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Gas Crisis

1973 - 1975 recession marked by the 1973 oil crisis and the 1973 - 1974 stock market crash. This period is remarkable for rising unemployment (9%) coinciding with rising inflation.

Oct 01, 1973

Our first engagement
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Our first engagement

PROFIT CONSULTING GROUP® (the original name of the company) performs it first engagement in Houston, Texas.

Sep 15, 1977

Market expansion.
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Two State Expansion

PROFIT CONSULTING GROUP® expands to new markets performing engagements in Texas and Oklahoma.

Jan 07, 1980

The silver market crashes.
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Silver crash

1980 silver market crashes as the Hunt brothers borrowed heavily to hold one third of the world supply of silver. The price began to fall dropping over 50% in just four days.

Jul 01, 1981

80's Recession
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Recession 1981

A tight monetary policy in the US to control inflation carried over from the events of the previous decade - the 1973 oil embargo and the 1979 energy crisis - led to a recession in the early 1980's.  The beginning of this recession was triggered by the failure of Penn Square Bank.

Sep 15, 1981

Larger national customers
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Expansion to National Banks

PROFIT CONSULTING GROUP® continues to expand it's market from local community banks to larger regional and national retail banks.

Oct 19, 1987

Black monday
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Black Monday

On Black Monday - October 19, 1987 - the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 95.46 points (a then record) and fell another 58 points the next day, down over 12% from the August 25th all-time high.

Dec 31, 1987

A new owner.
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A new owner

George McKee - a banker with Bank of America (formerly NCNB) acquires the company changing the name to PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES.

Jan 01, 1990

Japanese bubble bursts.
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Japan's bubble bursts

The Japanese Bubble bursts on December 31, 1989 as the Nikkei reached its all-time high. Prices began to plummet in January. Throughout the 1990s, Japan experienced slower growth than any other major industrial nation.

Jan 01, 1991

90's Recession
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PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES® offers credit card services becoming the industry's premiere earnings enhancement partner.

Jan 01, 1991

Credit card services added.
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Credit Card Services

Jan 01, 1995

Latin American and Canada
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International Markets

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES begins offering its services internationally to Latin America and Canada.

Oct 01, 1996

London office opens.
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International Office

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES opens its first international office in London, UK under the name PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES Europe, Ltd.

Jul 02, 1997

The Asian financial crisis.
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Asian crisis

he Asian Financial Crisis - a period of financial upheaval that gripped much of Asia - began in July 1997 and raised fears of a worldwide economic melt down due to the financial contagion.

May 10, 2000

Dot com bubble bursts.
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Dot com bubble

The Bubble bursts on Friday, March 10, 2000, as the tech heavy NASDAQ peaked at twice its value from a year before. Ten days later, it lost over 10% of its value and quickly begins a downward slide. After a decade of the longest growth period in American history, the speculative dot-com bubble burst and lack of business investments drove the US economy into a recession in the early 2000s

Sep 10, 2001

ASIA/PAC and beyond.
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Global Expansion

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES® expands into the ASIA/PAC region and moves into other international markets including Australia, Latin America, South Africa and the Phillipines.

Jan 01, 2007

New process audit practice begins.
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Process audit practice

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES launches its first process audit practice.

Sep 15, 2008

The Great Recession Begins.
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The Great Recession

The Great Recession begins on September 15, 2008 as Lehman Brothers is allowed to fail. This triggers a sub-prime mortgage crisis that leads to the collapse of the United State housing bubble. Failing housing related assets contributed to a global financial crisis, even as oil and food prices soar.

Nov 05, 2010

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES enters the Chinese market.
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China market

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES® enters the Chinese market with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong..

Jun 01, 2011

European debt crisis.
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European debt crisis.

European sovereign debt crisis begins to affect the global economy as the S&P down grades Greece's sovereign credit rating to junk. This occurs just four days after a 45 billion Euro IMF bailout and triggers the decline of the stock markets worldwide.

Oct 01, 2011

Domestic operations gets a new name.
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New name

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES changes the name of its domestic operations to PROFIT INSIGHT®.

Oct 15, 2013

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES closes its first engagement in the Middle East.
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Middle East

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES closes its first engagement in the Middle East.

Dec 19, 2013

Gold prices fall.
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Gold prices drop.

The decade long success story comes to an end for gold. Prices begin to plummet as fear of another global economic downturn diminishes. Investors begin to abandon safe investment havens in favor of technology driven stocks.

Jan 01, 2014

International division changes its name.
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Global identify

PROFIT TECHNOLOGIES - the International arm of the company- changes its name to PROFIT INSIGHT®.


Since 1973, we have helped our global clients through five recessions, three bursting bubbles and an ever changing landscape of government regulations and fiscal crisis' around the globe.



For over 40 years our customers on 6 continents have realized over $40 billion of incremental financial opportunity!