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The Performance Lever chart

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Select one of the drivers from the menus on the right side of the chart.. Adjust the drivers to reflect your current financial challenges. Discover (from the list of solutions below the chart) how PROFIT INSIGHT® helps you overcome those challenges.



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Revenue Drivers
 (A) Net Interest Income
 (B) Interchange
 (C) Annual Fees
 (D) Other Fees
Cost Drivers
 (E) Operating Expenses
 (F) Rewards
 (G) Fraud
 (H) Charge-offs
 (I) Cost of Finance
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About the chart

About the Chart

The candlestick chart demonstrates how a PROFIT INSIGHT® engagement may affect the performance drivers in your business. Select one of the drivers from the red or green menus and use the up or down arrows to adjust the impact it has on the overall performance of your deposit business. Then, navigate through the sample of PROFIT INSIGHT® strategies available that directly address these specific levers. These strategies are listed above - Revenue Insight™ and Cost Insight™.



Revenue Insight:

New Products and Markets

Keeping your product portfolio fresh and ahead of the market trends is critical to staving off stiff competition.  We can help identify new markets and products that will help you capitalize on the latest opportunities. 

Customer Activation

Improve your marketing dollars by increasing your activation rates.  For new customers or existing card holders, our strategies elevate your activation rates for a steady stream of new customers for your card products

New Customer Segments

New opportunities arise as your current market changes.  New customers and changing demographics of existing customers create profitable opportunities for current card products. 

Co-brand Strategies

Partnering with recognizable brands in your market provides tremendous growth opportunities for any card business.  We can identify who – and more importantly – who isn’t the right fit for your institution.

Channel Strategies

Our insight examines which channels are served and all opportunities to exploit new profitable channels.  Our customized solutions optimize the ability of each channel to generate sustainable profitability.

Customer Value Proposition

Providing value to your card holders is important to maintaining and growing your customer base.  Developing delivering and communicating that value can be a challenge.  PROFIT INSIGHT can help.

“Front of Wallet” Strategies

Put your card on the top of the pack with proven strategies that can boost your revenues and increase your customer base.  With PROFIT INSIGHT recommendations, your card becomes the preferred method of payment.

Assessment Methodologies

Reviewing the principles and practices of your business, your assessment methods must provide the right information.  Generating accurate data ensures efficiency, high quality service, and promotes innovation in your business.   

Rules & Policies

Restrictions and regulations used in your card products may be hampering your profitability and growth.  We can review these rules and policies and ensure they are responsible, logical and effective.    

Cost Insight:

Scheme Billing Audit

Expert analysts create a complete accountability of every line-item in your scheme billing to determine an accurate per-card transaction cost. Compared with industry standards and internal metrics we create a plan to optimize your card program.

Direct Mail Expense

We identify strategic opportunities to minimize postage expense.  This program provides a future outlook across multiple dimensions (product, channel, operational, and client POVs) to create a roadmap to success.   

Card Production

Card personalization, EMV, card delivery and mass customization affect card costs.  PROFIT INSIGHT evaluates your processes and suggests ways to cut your costs without diminishing the unique value of your program.

Card Authorize

Approving every application while removing fraud and default is the goal of any authorization review. PROFIT INSIGHT analysts ensure this goal is achieved with an in depth analysis of your card authorization processes.

Online/Paper Processing

This analysis reviews current promotional practices that encourage the use of digital statements and communication methods.  It provides strategies and solutions to improve digital statement and communication adoption rates.


The interchange review and repair program from PROFIT
INSIGHT® - digs deep into the card association reports and gets to the cause of a major source of revenue loss – proper interchange processes and fees.

Cost of account Fees

Outdated or inadequate charges for card accounts may be costing your business.  PROFIT INSIGHT can review your fee structure and be sure it is compliant and optimized to provide you with the lowest operating costs.

Cost of Funds

Events in the secondary credit markets have increased the cost of funds for all card issuers.  PROFIT INSIGHT can provide solutions that can lower these costs and will suggest ways to prevent rising future costs.


Credit card fraud continues to grow and the cost of insuring against that fraud is eating away profits.   Our analysts can create solutions and strategies that will lower your insurance cost while maintaining or lowering your risk exposure..


Maintaining your current customer and attracting new customers with growing loyalty rewards can be expensive.  Let us develop new ways to maximize the return of your loyalty programs without losing your customer base.

Legislative Offset Strategies

Changes in recent laws and governance have restricted or removed traditional sources of revenue in the card business.  New solutions and strategies can target these areas and improve return them to past profitability while maintaining compliance.

Platform Conversion

PROFIT INSIGHT has unparalleled expertise assisting banks in processing platform conversions and optimizing the performance of their system settings from core processing systems to IVR and online banking tools.