Merchant Acquiring Performance Consulting 

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The Performance Lever chart

Helping you visualize your financial environment.

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Select one of the drivers from the menus on the right side of the chart.. Adjust the drivers to reflect your current financial challenges. Discover (from the list of solutions below the chart) how PROFIT INSIGHT® helps you overcome those challenges.



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Revenue Drivers
 (A) Merchant Service Commission
 (B) Terminal Income
 (C) Other Fees
Cost Drivers
 (D) Interchange
 (E) Terminal Costs
 (F) Processing Fees
 (G) Scheme Costs
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About the chart

About the Chart

The candlestick chart demonstrates how a PROFIT INSIGHT® engagement may affect the performance drivers in your business. Select one of the drivers from the red or green menus and use the up or down arrows to adjust the impact it has on the overall performance of your deposit business. Then, navigate through the sample of PROFIT INSIGHT® strategies available that directly address these specific levers. These strategies are listed above - Revenue Insight™ and Cost Insight™.



Revenue Insight:

New Profitable Payment Channels

Keeping your network fresh and ahead of the market changes is critical to staving off stiff competition.  We can help identify new channels that will help you capitalize on the latest opportunities. 

Merchant & Terminal Activity Rates

Get the most out of all your merchants and terminals with rate improvement strategies and solutions developed for your network.  Our experts quickly uncover new ways to get more from your existing deployment.

Segmentation Strategies

Adding or removing certain segments of your card business can lead to improved profits.  PROFIT INSIGHT discovers the best strategies to target the most profitable segments available to you. 

Volume vs. Value Trade-off

Bigger isn’t always better and PROFIT INSIGHT analysts determine where the numbers start to impact the profits.  Solutions created specifically for your network tell you where the trade-off makes sense.

Margin Protection strategies

Eroding margins from increased competition or market saturation can damage network profitability.  PROFIT INSIGHT develops methodologies to combat reducing margins with innovative and effective solutions. 

Diversified Pricing

PROFIT INSIGHT® helps customers develop a road map to profitability by creating effective pricing schemes for particular customers, markets and volumes.  Designed for your customer base, diversified pricing improves performance across the entire network.

Cost Insight:

Digital Statement Delivery

This analysis reviews current promotional practices that encourage the use of digital statements and communication methods.  It provides strategies and solutions to improve digital statement and communication adoption rates.

Interchange Expense Reduction

The interchange review and repair program from PROFIT
INSIGHT® - digs deep into the card association reports and gets to the cause of a major source of revenue loss – proper interchange processes and fees.

Cost Effective Terminal Deployment

Expanding your company’s terminal footprint can be a costly undertaking.  PROFIT INSIGHT analysts develop ways to maximize the number of terminals deployed while optimizing the installation and maintenance of those terminals

Terminal Network Management

To get the most out of every card terminal, your network needs constant monitoring with fast, accurate and sophisticated tools.  PROFIT INSIGHT helps acquirers tailor ways to quickly react to capacity and performance issues. 

Charge Back Risk Management

Charge back interactions can quickly reduce the profitability of even the best card operation.  Our analysts will develop new methodologies to deal with current charge back issues while reducing the risk of future costly events.

Fraud Monitoring

Approving every application while removing fraud and default is the goal of any authorization review. PROFIT INSIGHT analysts ensure this goal is achieved with an in depth analysis of your card authorization processes.

Manual Processing reduction

Technical and physical terminal errors create unnecessary costs and loose sales from manual card processing.  PROFIT INSIGHT reviews your network and creates processes to reduce and eliminates the cause of these costly procedures.