Retail Banks


PROFIT INSIGHT® earnings enhancement programs for consumer and commercial banks applies a proprietary collection of Value Creation Strategies™ to a multitude of areas and functions.  Tailored to a specific market environment, these strategies are customized to meet the needs of each client. Though every strategy affects the overall financial perfermance, each strategy focuses on one of four customer specific targets: increasing revenue, improving portfolios, lowering costs and reducing risk.



Case Studies

Brazilian Bank with global reachImprove interest revenue, increase fee revenue, reduce interest expenses.
Large Regional US BankStrategies and solutions involving Reg-E.
Large South African BankRevenue enhancement for current accounts and credit card operations.
Private Indian BankRevenue assurance solutions for 350K active card account client.
Subsaharan African BankImprove interest income, fee revenue and reduce expenses.
Top 50 Southeast Asian BankRevenue enhancement solutions for a 680K active card client.
US Mid-sized Regional BankPerformance improvement for consumer and commercial check programs.

Business Units