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The Performance Lever chart

Helping you visualize your financial environment.

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Select one of the drivers from the menus on the right side of the chart.. Adjust the drivers to reflect your current financial challenges. Discover (from the list of solutions below the chart) how PROFIT INSIGHT® helps you overcome those challenges.



In Percentage (%)

Revenue Drivers
 (A) Customer Acquisition
 (B) Collateral Effectiveness
 (C) Servicing Effectiveness
 (D) Product Alignment
 (E) IVR Performance
Cost Drivers
 (F) Processor Pricing
 (G) System Customization
 (H) Operating Expenses
 (I) Back Office Waste
 (J) Hand Offs
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About the chart

About the Chart

The candlestick chart demonstrates how a PROFIT INSIGHT® engagement may affect the performance drivers in your business. Select one of the drivers from the red or green menus and use the up or down arrows to adjust the impact it has on the overall performance of your deposit business. Then, navigate through the sample of PROFIT INSIGHT® strategies available that directly address these specific levers. These strategies are listed above - Revenue Insight™ and Cost Insight™.

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Click on one of the drivers, then make a adjustments using arrow buttons.



Revenue Insight:

Plastics, Statement and Correspondence Improvement

Effective collateral and public communication is a key component for any successful program.  We analyze and ensure that every correspondence generates the maximum effect for your business.  

Agent Performance Improvements

Ensure your employees are maximizing their time and effectiveness to helping your business achieve its financial goals.  With an expert review of your operations, we generate strategies to elevate the results of every company agent.

Self-serve Strategies

Free up valuable resources by converting agent supported procedures to self-guided customer procedures.  Our analysts identify which ones make sense and help you implement those processes efficiently. 

Volume Reduction

Bigger isn’t always better and PROFIT INSIGHT® analysts determine where the numbers start to impact the profits.  Solutions created specifically for your network tell you where the trade-off makes sense.

Cost-per-call Reduction

Eroding margins from increased competition or market saturation can damage network profitability.  PROFIT INSIGHT® develops methodologies to combat reducing margins with innovative and effective solutions. 

Adoption Strategies

Changing the way your customers and employees contribute to the success of your business can be challenging.  PROFIT INSIGHT® has ways to encourage every stakeholder and improve adoption rates for a variety of programs and services.    

IVR Optimization

Your service center is a sensitive touch point for your business and may be the only personal experience a customer has with your company.  PROFIT INSIGHT® helps you make the most from every customer interaction.

Cost Insight:

Conversion and System Advisory

PROFIT INSIGHT® has unparalleled expertise assisting banks in processing platform conversions and optimizing the performance of their system settings from core processing systems to IVR and online banking tools.

Communication Enhancement

Effective internal and external communications are the backbone of success for every financial institution.  Whether you are launching new products or changing current offerings, PROFIT INSIGHT will improve your effectiveness.  

Infrastructure Execution

Adding, updating or changing any business infrastructure is a daunting task.  PROFIT INSIGHT® experts help customers seamlessly integrate new features into their business without disrupting current operations.  

Maintenance Automation

Accurate data in your business is essential.  Maintaining this data can be daunting requiring tremendous internal resources.  PROFIT INSIGHT® develops solutions to automate operations – freeing resources for other valuable contributions.      

Streamlined Processing Strategies

Legacy processes modified over the years are usually fraught with waste and poor operations.  Our analysts quickly identify these areas in your operation and develop strategies to quickly streamline any process.    

Improved SLA

Improve the performance and lower the costs of your vendors by optimizing your Service Level Agreements.  PROFIT INSIGHT® creates measurement metrics that achieve higher service levers for every vendor without increasing costs.

Customization Reduction

Some processes may need to be unique to your business.  Some do not.  PROFIT INSIGHT® discovers tremendous cost savings by unraveling the complexities is some of your business operations to reduce manpower and other back office expenses.