Card Issuers


PROFIT INSIGHT® earnings enhancement programs for card issuers applies a proprietary collection of Value Creation Strategies™ to a multitude of areas and functions. These strategies are designed to enhance earnings while maintaining a client's competitiveness within the marketplace.

Enhancement areas include: product line evaluation and analysis, competitive comparisons, profitability audits of systems, "hidden profits", marketing opportunities, optimising processing routines, review of fee collection practices, interest calculation methods.

Tailored to a specific market environment, these strategies are customized to meet the needs of each client. Though every strategy affects the overall financial perfermance, each strategy focuses on one of three customer specific targets: increasing revenue, improving portfolios, and lowering costs



Case Studies

Top 25 North American IssuerRevenue enhancement solutions for a 1.8 million card account client.
UK market leading Card IssuerImprove interest income, fee revenue and reduce expenses.
Large Card Issuer in AsiaFee and interest income with operating cost reductions.
Top 15 North American IssuerPricing, performance and card acquisition improvement.

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