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Online Banking


Assisted Integration and Merger

Part of a series of Banking Optimization Solutions: Lift™ • MaxCAP™


The Assisted Integration and Merger (“AIM”) solutions from PROFIT INSIGHT® ensure products, business processes and underlying drivers meet and exceed performance expectations before and after a conversion. AIM™ helps banking executives make the right decisions in fi ve sectors of their business:

    Blending checking, savings, money-market, time, line-of-credit, loan and credit card options is essential to maintain customer experience and acceptance.
    Connecting a variety of platforms including on-line banking, business/cash management services, remote deposit capture, etc. is critical to maintaining consistency across all lines of business.
    Continuing, aligning or discarding rates and fees for loan and deposit products ensures compliance and maintains market competitiveness.
    Removing duplicated, overlapping and/or competing vendor contracts lowers operating costs and improves service delivery.
    Consolidating, eliminating or integrating all business processes maximizes technology utilization and minimizes waste.


  • Ensure a seamless transition
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve conversion decisions

Areas of Focus

  • Product Comparison and survival mapping
  • Process evaluation and integration-gap analysis
  • Customer impact analysis
  • Key decision templates with financial impact assessments
  • Customer communications and internal training
  • Deposit pricing integration

AIM™ keeps current customers loyal and attracts new ones before, during and after the conversion.

Make the right decisions before and after conversion.