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Call center cost reduction & optimization

Part of a series of Experience Optimization Solutions: WorkOUT™



Customer service centers are costly. But this sensitive touch point may be a customer’s only personal experience with your organization. Make the wrong move and you could lose customers - even long time relationships - due to dissatisfaction, frustration and anger. OneCall™ helps you make the most of every customer interaction.

  • Enhance and leverage self serve functionality. We identify call types and processes which should not require human interaction, freeing your agents to concentrate on callers requiring extra attention.
  • Improve your first call resolution. We discover where your staff may require different skills and tools to meet your customers’ needs quickly. We identify empowerment opportunities and recommend infrastructure enhancements to improve productivity.
  • Reduce expenses and improve call efficiency. We utilize key performance metrics to deliver cost saving methodology directly to your bottom line.
  • Improve your operations and customer experience. We review caller experience to isolate performance gaps and deliver tactical recommendations to improve customer satisfaction.

OneCall™ changes your servicing arena
from a cost center to a profit center.


  • Increase product revenue
  • Reduce service costs
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Improve customer reaction

Areas of Focus

Customer Interaction

  • Initial call resolution
  • Call segmentation/analysis
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Inquiry fulfillment
  • Cost-to-serve reduction


  • Staffing efficiency
  • Key metric reporting/li>
  • Agent incentives
  • Skill based and escalation routing
  • Compliance and quality control
  • Outsourcing advisory
  • Off-phone activities