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Process Optimization

Part of a series of Experience Optimization Solutions: OneCall™



WorkOUT™ improves customer experience and value by analyzing and adjusting business procedures. The goal of WorkOUT™ is to minimize cost while maximizing throughput and efficiency.

WorkOUT™ uncovers substantial benefits by analyzing three main characteristics of client operations:


Every activity in each process should be aligned with the perceived customer value and specific corporate objectives. Appropriate controls are required to ensure the capture of performance metrics used to measure value and waste components.


Some processes may be deeply embedded into an organization without fully understanding their relation to key objectives. Opportunities to eliminate waste and costs are created from legacy work-flows that have become labor intensive or provide little value to the customer.


Many process improvements will result in direct savings, while others will generate ‘soft dollar’ benefits to the institution. These include missed revenue from customer interactions, ineffective transaction management, disengaged customers and more.


  • Maximize operational capacity
  • Improve quality and efficiency
  • Elevate customer satisfaction
  • Reduce overall costs

Areas of Focus

Process ...

  • Relevance to the customer
  • Identification
  • Alignment with corporate objectives
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Cost validation
  • Quality and value

A defined approach to process optimization.

By identifying new opportunities in every aspect of our clients’ operations, WorkOUT™ ensures process adjustments are defined successfully, adopted quickly and executed efficiently to improve customer value.