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Card Performance Optimization

Part of a series of Payments Optimization Solutions:CardObedience™ • LevelBest™ • TopCard™ • TransAction™ • 


With increasing levels of regulations and tougher competition, maintaining the profi tability of a credit card portfolio has become increasingly challenging. A detailed review is necessary to identify ways to grow your customer base and increase revenue - beyond traditional income sources - while maintaining a strong foothold in the competitive market.

CardMore™ helps issuers uncover account leakage within the current portfolio and creates new opportunities for revenue generation by reviewing current operations and comparing them industry best practices. Using CardMORE™, PROFIT INSIGHT® delivers significant cost savings for clients and identifies revenue opportunities from new markets and products.

PROFIT INSIGHT® takes a two-pronged approach to deliver exceptional service:

CardMore™ delivers revenue generating solutions to any deposits business. PROFIT INSIGHT® experts review fee, product and service structures at multiple levels to evaluate their competitiveness today to prepare for tomorrow. Then, new alternative ideas are developed to turn these structures into market leading revenue generators.

All pricing and billing parameters are analyzed, assessment methodologies and rules and policies are dissected, and performance and cost drivers are benchmarked against PROFIT INSIGHT® standards and industry benchmarks. Account and transactional activity is examined to validate charges, interest and posting while general ledger details are mined to find anomalies and offsets.

These and other analyses combined with our global experience and acumen result in:

  • Detailed evaluation of current performance
  • Development of quantified performance opportunities
  • Assessment of fee income soundness
  • Insight into the key drivers of revenue
  • New ways to manage the business
  • New ideas for revenue generation
  • Justification for introducing change in driving deposit revenue


  • Increase product revenue
  • Enhance product performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improve fee income


Areas of Focus

Margin improvement

  • Interest calculation
  • Promotional offers
  • Orphaned accounts
  • Rate overrides/negotiations
  • Waivers

Fee performance

  • NSF/OD posting
  • Parameters
  • Balance options
  • Chargeable volumes
  • Promotional waivers
  • Automated processes