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Card Terms and Pricing Optimization

Part of a series of Payments Optimization Solutions:LevelBest™ • CardMore™ • TopCard™ • TransAction™ • 


Card Products are difficult to optimize. New complicated regulations and operating structures are increasingly complex. With CardObedience™, PROFIT INSIGHT® ensures your critical systems are aligned with account disclosures and accurately reflect the cardholder agreements.

  • Align critical systems. We use an analytical framework - developed by processing infrastructure experts - to conduct a complete review of critical systems settings and ensure they reflect management policy decisions.
  • Identify process inconsistencies. We review and compare product features and cardholder disclosures to system functionality. A detailed report of any inconsistencies is produced along with recommendations on ways to bring these components back in line.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction. We ensure the customer experience is consistent with your cardholders’expectations as defined by account terms and conditions.
  • Constantly improve your operations. We capture key documentation needs to support system maintenance and updates. We identify opportunities to incorporate management routines into the support of continuous system setting reviews and self-audits.

CardObedience™ ensures your card processing system is accurate, optimized and consistent with company policies to help avoid institutional liability and regulatory penalties.


  • Lower institutional liability
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Raise customer satisfaction


Areas of Focus

Card Characteristics

  • Terms review
  • Pricing review
  • Customer communications


  • Processor accuracy
  • Critical system settings




This is your opportunity to lower institutional liability.