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Debit Card Performance Improvement

Part of a series of Payments Optimization Solutions:CardObedience™ • LevelBest™ • CardMore™ • TransAction™ • 


Your debit card program is your best opportunity to attract new cardholders. TopCard™ optimizes your debit card program by focusing on the programs most profi table economics and develops tactics to drive usage and increase enterprise loyalty. PROFIT INSIGHT® experts use TopCard™ to improve the three most important aspects of your card program:

  • ACQUISITION/PENETRATION: Ensure your sales activities and customer communications allow for the highest cardholder penetration. An end-to-end analysis that includes communications, products, and processes leads to strategies to improve your card acquisition success.
  • ACTIVATION: Increase activation and customer usage by creating and promoting the right offers to the right segments and targeting bill payments and retail purchases with effective behavior based incentives.
  • UTILIZATION: Reduce operating costs and improve member retention by converting customers using traditional non-revenue transactions (check, cash, and ACH payments) to habitual debit card users.

TopCard™ leverages practical experience with industry wide best practices in sales, marketing, and operations to improve performance across your enterprise landscape.


  • Increase product revenue
  • Reduce unit costs
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Improve customer interaction


Areas of Focus

Debit cards

  • Program rationalization
  • Product design
  • Interchange income
  • Processes and practices
  • Portfolio profitability

Customer Segments

  • Banks
  • Community Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Processor Alliances

Your debit card program is the first relationship you have with a new customer. Be sure you make the best “first impression”.


Broaden appeal and customer utility…

  • Determine competitive benefit gaps to improve penetration.
  • Increase international utility.
  • Accelerate EMV adoption by cardholders.

Reduce program costs…

  • Increase transaction and ATM usage incentives.
  • Reduce fraud with EMV chip and pin.
  • Increase productivity by navigating new payment opportunities.

Improve debit card economics…

  • Benchmark competitor performance drivers to increase revenues.
  • Discover new revenue opportunities.
  • Add critical margin by uncovering customer spending trends.