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TransAction - Merchant acquiring optimization


Merchant Acquiring Performance Improvement

Part of a series of Payments Optimization Solutions:CardObedience™ • LevelBest™ • CardMore™ • TopCard™ • 


In an environment of ever declining margins, managing profitability while delivering effective and consistent client services is a difficult task for merchant acquirers. Added to those challenges are the investments needed to maintain card acceptance in both the physical and virtual worlds. It is a wonder anyone can sustain - let alone grow - their business.

TransAction™ helps financial institutions increase revenues and cut operating costs while improving client services by targeting the specific performance levers existing in merchant acquiring. Revenue Insight solutions focus on levers directly affecting pricing and fee income while Cost Insight solutions concentrate on the levers that manage expenses. The result is a business unit performing at peak efficiency with optimum revenue generation and a strong focus on profitability.

Revenue Insight

Merchant sales and revenue optimization

  • Maximize channel and product performance with segmentation strategies developed and tested by PROFIT INSIGHT®.
  • Boost return from merchants and outlets through terminal activity analysis.
  • Maintain profitability implementing margin protection strategies.
  • Discover new revenue from alternative charging models.
  • Reduce risk from regulatory compliance and merchant agreement reviews.

Cost Insight

Expense management and recovery

  • Minimize interchange and scheme costs.
  • Optimize physical and virtual POS network capacity and performance.
  • Reduce deployment costs of POS devices.
  • Lower internal costs leveraging third party service providers.
  • Improve efficiency by minimizing internal processing costs and overhead.
  • Improve effectiveness of dispute and fraud management processes


  • Increase revenue in a tight market
  • Improve activation rates
  • Retain profitable merchants
  • Build long-term relationships


Areas of Focus

Merchant Value Chain

  • Product proposition
  • Product development
  • Merchant acquisition
  • Merchant set-up
  • Finance and settlement
  • Dispute management
  • Merchant servicing



TRANSACTION™ helps acquiring businesses throughout the value chain


Acquiring businesses all over the world face key challenges from explosive growth in e-commerce and non-traditional payment channels. They face even more challenges from changes to the regulatory environment, the introduction of SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), the implementation of EMV and structural alterations in interchange. PROFIT INSIGHT® consultants help your business overcome these challenges. Experienced in back-offi ce operations, settlement and every aspect of the merchant business from customer acquisition to terminal deployment, PROFIT INSIGHT® consultants discover opportunities even in the most difficult environments.


Acquiring value chain