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Loan Performance Consulting 

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The Performance Lever chart

Helping you visualize your financial environment.

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Select one of the drivers from the menus on the right side of the chart.. Adjust the drivers to reflect your current financial challenges. Discover (from the list of solutions below the chart) how PROFIT INSIGHT® helps you overcome those challenges.

Performance Lever Chart


In Percentage (%)

Revenue Drivers
 (A) Loan/APR
 (B) NSF/OD Fees
 (C) Interchange Income
 (D) Account Fees
 (E) Other
Cost Drivers
 (F) Interest Expense
 (G) Acquisition Costs
 (H) Servicing Costs
 (I) Losses
 (J) Other
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Click on one of the drivers, then make a adjustments using arrow buttons.

About the chart

About the Chart

The candlestick chart demonstrates how a PROFIT INSIGHT® engagement may affect the performance drivers in your business. Select one of the drivers from the red or green menus and use the up or down arrows to adjust the impact it has on the overall performance of your deposit business. Then, navigate through the sample of PROFIT INSIGHT® strategies available that directly address these specific levers. These strategies are listed above - Revenue Insight™ and Cost Insight™.

Loan Performance Solutions


Revenue Insight:

Customer / Member Growth

New customers are needed for any company to grow. Customized acquisition strategies leverage your assets to attract the clients you need to achieve your financial goals.

Product Enhancements

This structural review validates the overall structure and practices of the product set and identifies opportunities to maintain and enhance profit contribution while identifying product gaps and opportunities to explore.

Product Rationalization

Providing the right services, right products and acceptable interactions with your customer portfolio is a key to current and future success.

Pricing Strategies

We review the pricing (rates) on current deposit products focused on identifying and capturing incremental value and improvements to margin. Our solutions utilize a variety of techniques to validate rate assignment and explore opportunities with base, negotiated, exception and other rate variations.

Channel Strategies

Our insight looks into which channels are served and all opportunities to exploit new profitable channels.  Our customized solutions optimize the ability of each channel to generate sustainable profitability.

Revenue Assurance

Our revenue assurance solutions examine your billing process to ensure data quality and make certain that all tasks associated with payments and posting activities are functioning at the most efficient level possible.

Channel Optimization

The success of any product or program depends on the effectiveness and reach of its go-to-market strategy. Optimizing every distribution channel is a critical ingredient to sustaining growth from intense focus on customer behavior..

Cost Insight:

Digital Statement Adoption

This analysis reviews current practices across mailed items to identify strategic opportunities to minimize postage expense, offset future postage increases and improve client satisfaction.

Communication Enhancement

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing and promotional activities by measuring communication effectiveness using advanced econometric analysis, data mining techniques and innovative modeling methods.  

Call Center Optimization

Call Center Optimization strategies help you make the most from every customer interaction through an in depth analysis that develops methodologies to improve your call center efficiency and maximize customer interaction.

Vendor Management

We help you select the right vendors while managing, controlling and executing contracts with those vendors to drive down expenses and maximize your performance throughout your enterprise.

System Leakage Audits

Our solutions do not merely address the symptoms, but help identify the root causes of system leakage leading to new methodologies that permanently plug the holes in your operations.

Price Concession Management

Lowering prices on products and services can be the first line of defense in a competitive market.  PROFIT INSIGHT examines and the real performance of those concessions to ensure they generate their intended results.