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Our Mission

We help financial institutions identify opportunities to increase their bottom line.

PROFIT INSIGHT is here to help you

Reduce costs. Enhance revenue. Reach your full potential.

Many executives in the global banking and payments industry face declining revenues and rising costs and may not have enough time and resources to examine their portfolios deeply and implement sustainable financial performance improvements.

At PROFIT INSIGHT we use a proven, data-driven approach to uncover, present and work with clients to implement strategies that enable our clients to achieve their full earnings potential.



More than consultants or data-analysts,
we are partners invested in your long term success.

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Global Experience

45+ years of experience navigating the ever-changing global financial landscape. Our engagement teams are experts with on average more than 20+ years’ experience in the payments and banking industries.

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Relationship & Results Oriented

Our clients are our partners because we are invested in their long-term success. We produce specific, tangible, long-term sustainable financial results. Our client relationships are true partnerships. We provide critical and informative insights for our clients to succeed.

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Long-Term Success

Our results-driven pricing model ensures we are invested in your continued long-term growth. Our dedication to guiding, tracking and measuring results ensures our clients achieve the full value we deliver to their bottom line.

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Unassuming Approach

Our engagement teams are adept at quickly uncovering opportunities with minimal assistance. Our approach ensures no interruption to daily operations and focuses on aligning with your organization’s priorities. Our clients tell us we offer a refreshing experience when compared with other advisory firms and the return on time invested was well justified.    


Meet our team of experienced earnings enhancement experts.

Global Presence

Boosting revenues in 50+ countries. 6 continents.


Consistently guiding companies to achieve their full earnings potential.

Social Impact

Leaving a positive footprint and making the world a better place.


Working with the best, to provide you the best



We refuse to waste your time.

Revenues are declining, costs are rising and allocating both the time and resources to continually explore growth opportunities is a priority. Engaging a fresh set of eyes is a prudent approach to gain a new perspective.

At PROFIT INSIGHT, we believe in delivering value to your bottom line, pure and simple.

We aim to quickly identify opportunities by analyzing account transaction data, interpret the information to devise value-generating strategies and work in tandem with our clients through a successful implementation.

Engaging a consulting firm should be easy, not complicated. The right consultant should focus on finding tangible growth opportunities, delivering significant value and being a partner who is fully invested in your growth and success.

What We Do

How we guide you to complete earnings optimization.

With over 45 years consulting experience, we have seen many challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing banking and payments industry. We provide a fresh perspective and different views to help uncover hard-to-find opportunities that go straight to your bottom line.

CUSTOMER-DRIVEN-PROFITABILITYWe use a holistic, data-driven approach focused in six primary areas: cards, deposits, loans, issuing, acquiring and operations. We examine your portfolios objectively at the transaction level, identifying tangible, trackable opportunities to enhance revenue, reduce costs and improve operations.

Combining our industry knowledge and global best practices, we identify, validate, quantify and implement targeted solutions for our clients in these six key areas. Our comprehensive and disciplined approach has enabled our clients around the world to generate over $40 billion in incremental revenue.

As a boutique firm with long-term global experience driving incremental revenues, our expertise allows us to provide you with tactical, value-added solutions. We understand what is needed to implement new ideas and help our clients execute recommendations and track the results. We are invested in the long-term success of our clients.

Our insight, experience and solutions extend into multiple areas:

Revenue Assurance:

Review, identify and recommend solutions for systemic issues and apply internal and external benchmarks. Identify and eliminate revenue leakage and quantify new earnings performance opportunities.

Revenue Enhancement:

Review and optimize product parameters and processes to maximize earnings efficiencies directly improving your bottom line.

New Products and Services:

Analyze profitability and recommend new product and value added services which can be monetized using global and in-market benchmarks and best practices.

Operational Efficiency:

Optimize your daily operations, reduce costs and complexity, improve servicing capabilities and deliver exceptional experiences.

Data Analytics:

Gain comprehensive insight into your account and transaction data. Identify and guide successful growth and performance enhancement strategies. Provide statistical/quantitative analysis and predictive modeling tools to help capture performance improvement opportunities and enhance your financial results.

We were impressed by the in-depth analysis conducted and the rapid manner in which PROFIT INSIGHT understood our products, operations, market environment and business issues.  Furthermore, the analysis was conducted with minimal disruption to our internal operations.  It was as if they knew what to look for.

International Retail Bank President

PROFIT INSIGHT’s consultants have worked effectively both to understand our culture and approach to clients as well as the factors that differ in our Canadian market.  Although we had an extensive list of ongoing initiatives, we were pleasantly surprised at the number and breadth of strategies that PROFIT INSIGHT brought to the table, many of which have been implemented in our consumer card area.  In fact, this exercise was so successful, we broadened the scope of PROFIT INSIGHT’s review to encompass our business card portfolio and we have a number of strategies in that area that are slated for implementation.

Vice President Credit Cards

In a short time PROFIT INSIGHT was able to stretch our thinking in areas we had not considered. They validated areas we knew we could improve upon, but in reality we didn't understand the full scope of what we were missing until they showed us the potential profit improvement.

COO, Credit Union

Your team is professional, knowledgeable and works extremely well with our staff. The strategies we have implemented have dramatically improved the financial performance of our credit card business both in revenue lift and operational efficiencies. I value the partnership we have established and look forward to working with PROFIT INSIGHT to generate even more value in the months to come.

Vice President of Credit Cards

We were impressed by the in-depth analysis conducted and the rapid manner in which PROFIT INSIGHT understood our products, operations, market environment and business issues. Furthermore, the analysis was conducted with minimal disruption to our internal operations. It was as if they knew exactly what to look for.

President, International Retail Bank

PROFIT INSIGHT has worked with banks, credit unions and other financial institutions worldwide and they demonstrated to me that they have the experience to understand our business and key performance drivers, and are able to align profit improvement tactics with specific strategies and goals.

COO, Credit Union

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