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Earnings Optimization

Improve your bottom line financial performance from ongoing business activity and existing product portfolios.

Our team solves problems for financial institution executives frustrated by revenue growth challenges and rising costs. Working independently and in collaboration with our clients, Profit Insight identifies revenue enhancement, revenue assurance and cost reduction strategies to improve the bottom line.

Earnings Optimization

We approach performance improvement from multiple angles.

Revenue Assurance

Identifying performance improvement opportunities from your existing business activity, including a review of:
  • Non-Interest Income – We audit current revenue streams and uncover leakage items including incorrect system settings, inaccurate volume capture, and other offsets to income.
  • Pricing and Margin Management – We validate and optimize interest and fee calculations, assessments, and collection.
  • Audit - We audit systems and processes to ensure systemically, you are actually doing what you think you are doing. 

Earnings Enhancement

Identifying incremental revenue generating and cost reduction opportunities by modifying products, services or markets including:

  • Customer Growth – We examine all aspects of deposit and loan products as well as operations for earnings enhancement opportunities while also optimizing the acquisition and activation of new accounts.
  • Product Enhancement – We review the competitive and regulatory environment and identify product enhancements or alternatives to drive improved performance.

Our engagement activities to support the results above may include system audits, waiver analysis, market and competitive analysis, customer and balance segmentation, calculation routines, as well as the timing and sequencing of routines and processes.

What We Do

We work with you to maximize earnings growth. The process for getting there is simple.

We review and analyze your data to identify the root causes inhibiting optimal performance within your current portfolios.
We identify, capture, and measure the impact of corrections, whether in the information, infrastructure, processes, or technology components causing revenue and/or cost leakage.
Preventative measures are put into place to ensure the correction processes continue to work without errors and reduce risk.
Ongoing Support
As a trusted partner, we continue to work alongside you - implementing improvements as your systems evolve.

Our Earnings Optimization Focus Areas

How we can guide you to complete earning optimization

Getting Started

It’s easy.
We uncover the growth potential in your existing portfolios.
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Solutions & Implementation

We create a customized set of tactical solutions to help you enhance earnings, and we work alongside your team to ensure a successful implementation.

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Ongoing Partnership

We continue to proactively monitor your portfolios’ performance and bring new ideas to help you thrive. We become a trusted partner invested in your long-term success.

Earnings Optimization - Client Success

Success stories from a few of our clients

"PROFIT INSIGHT helped a Top 15 North American card issuer gain $40 million per year in incremental revenue."

A Top 15 North American card issuer

"Large Brazilian bank achieves earnings enhancement values of more than $35 million with strategies recommended by PROFIT INSIGHT."

Large Brazilian bank

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