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Data-Driven Advisory

We use anonymized account level transaction data to identify and develop successful growth and performance enhancement strategies.

When it comes to driving future performance and strategic planning for your business, observing and analyzing your data will drive the most successful, consistent results.  We work with our clients’ transaction level data to identify and develop customized strategies and market-leading tactical solutions to deliver measurable improvements to the bottom line.

The results we deliver to our clients are reduced revenue leakage, improved customer retention, enhanced revenue streams and lower operating costs in the areas of issuing, acquiring, deposits, lending, and operations.

Data-Driven Advisory

Today, our clients have access to larger quantities of data from more sources than ever before. When properly linked, this information can provide meaningful insight into what is happening within your various product portfolios. Analyzing this data, which in turn generates actionable strategies, recommendations and insights to clients is central to all of Profit Insight’s work.

Our extensive use of and experience with data-mining tools, including statistical and quantitative analysis, as well as explanatory and predictive modeling, allows Profit Insight analysts to identify anomalies and performance improvement opportunities to support incremental recommendations and strategies which will substantially improve financial performance.

What We Do

Understanding and using your data should be easier.


We work to ensure the task of sourcing, mapping, and providing the relevant data to Profit Insight is as straightforward as possible.


We conduct tactical reviews of your account level transaction data to help uncover outliers, anomalies, gaps, and opportunities.


We apply our 45+ years’ experience and global expertise to provide insights from your data to derive opportunities that improve your bottom line and measure the impact.

Ongoing Support

We continue to work with various departments within your organization during the implementation process, ensuring success while also sharing how data can be used to keep driving performance improvement.

Our Data Driven Advisory Focus Areas

How we can guide you to complete revenue optimization

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Solutions & Implementation

We create a customized set of tactical solutions to help you enhance earnings, and we work alongside your team to ensure a successful implementation.

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Ongoing Partnership

We continue to proactively monitor your portfolios’ performance and bring new ideas to help you thrive. We become a trusted partner invested in your long-term success.

Data-Driven Advisory - Client Success

Success stories from a few of our clients

"Annual benefit value of over PHP 900 million for this Top 50 Southeast Asia bank after working with PROFIT INSIGHT."

Top 50 Southeast Asia bank

"Large UK card issuer works with PROFIT INSIGHT for a third engagement and new ideas presented ranged in value from £40 - £68 million."

Large UK card issuer

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