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PI3 Platform

A revenue enhancement and profitability analytics reporting platform to identify and deliver better financial performance.

How democratizing your data leads to profitable decisions.

PROFIT INSIGHT originally developed PI3 as an in-house platform to rapidly identify revenue, cost savings and campaign tracking opportunities as part of our earnings enhancement engagements. We began offering PI3 to our clients when they expressed interest in gaining the same visibility into transaction level data and analytics in a useful and easy-to-manage platform.

We also developed new functionality in the areas of issuer and acquirer account level profitability, payment network optimization and benchmarking.

PI3 uses account level transaction data and snapshots joined in a single platform to enable all business users to easily access data from desktops via tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau, MicroStrategy and SaS to optimize earnings performance.

PI3 provides access and insight into your data so you can make quicker, smarter and more profitable decisions.

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Let your democratized data drive more insightful, speed-of-thought decision making and business growth.

Are you confident you are leveraging your transaction data efficiently and effectively? Using analytical, data-based decisions can dramatically impact your bottom line.

That is why the payments and data analytics experts at PROFIT INSIGHT developed PI3, a data analytics platform, to interpret and organize large amounts of card transaction data into powerful data modeling tools accessed by novices, power-users, managers and analysts alike. 

Working closely with our clients and helping them interpret their data, we can make predictions to determine future spend activity, trends and consumer behavior. With greater insight into your customer’s preferences and spending habits, business managers can plan strategies and track campaigns with more confidence and far greater precision. As the data in PI3 refreshes, it creates efficiencies eliminating repetitive tasks and providing timely automated reporting, enabling you to stay on top of customer trends.

PI3 uses enhanced diagnostic visuals for one-click, speed-of-thought analytics that are easily designed and created. For example, this report provides a quick overview of where, (region, country, merchant), when, and how much cardholders are spending internationally.

Managing your data and results is easy with prebuilt, co-developed or defined analytic views and financial reports such as this 12-month multi-portfolio Profit & Loss segmented by month, revolvers/transactors, account behavioral score, brand and product.

Delving deeper to better understand profitability within a portfolio is also possible by focusing on a specific month and portfolio from the previous 12-month Profit & Loss financial report. This example shows a Mastercard Classic portfolio’s 49K accounts split between profitable and unprofitable accounts with one simple change in the report view.

With PI3, your product management team can utilize credit line management tools to access and detect trends impacting profitability down to the individual account level. For example, using data related to pinpoint marginal customer pools, credit increase decisioning can be filtered by behavior scores, card usage, profitability and other factors.

Your product management team can gain maximum granularity and visibility into their portfolios and significantly improve insight into income drivers, historic behavior scores, card activity, credit limit usage and more. This information can provide bank branch level insights to assist local banking teams interacting directly with their customers.

Why does PI3 matter to you?

  • PI3 is Payment Network agnostic (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) and can deliver a multi-network view allowing comparison among products and providers.
  • Implemented as either Software-as-a-Service or built as a Platform-as-a-Service, PI3 works directly with your existing systems using desktop tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau and more, which enables product owners to define their own analysis rather than depending on over-worked or resource stretched IT or Business Intelligence departments.
  • Profit Insight works with your team to help identify life-cycle opportunities and create different types of campaigns to improve loyalty and increase spend within existing accounts.
  • Interpretation of your data and transaction trends leads to the development of strategies to increase transaction numbers (including card utilization rate, activation, retention and implementing effective campaigns), resulting in improved earnings.
  • Performance insight to increase fee and interest income, reduce operational costs and improve account profitability.
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Our payments experts are continually developing new and relevant functionality:

  • We use PI3 to help identify and drive incremental earnings enhancement ideas and strategies for our clients.
  • We import authorization and settlement data to run analytics for our clients, (such as customer life cycle or spend habits), creating the ability to leverage information quickly and seamlessly; enabling clients to interpret and take action quickly. For example, we work with our clients to develop targeted campaigns to improve earnings.
  • We expanded PI3’s capabilities to analyze spend with the Payment Networks, (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.), enabling comparisons among products and providers.
  • We are regularly enhancing our comprehensive series of KPI’s from which the Head of Cards or Head of Products can automatically produce monthly management statistics reports for their Board of Directors.
PI3 is compatible with existing data platforms and analysis tools yet is more flexible and cost effective than other complex ‘big data’ analytics solutions.
Using extensive partitioning and aggregation to manage large volumes of data into an easy to use format creates better insight into clients’ portfolios. Common queries are cached to optimize performance producing reports with a click of a button.
Developed by payments experts for payment experts, PI3 has an extensive range of measures and dimensions commonly used in the management of retail banking portfolios.
PI3 enables user friendly speed-of-thought analysis and reporting to support managing the entire account life cycle, tracking spend by merchant, product, location, etc.

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