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Meet Profit Insight's Executive Team

We are consultants, data analysts and change agents with decades of practical hands-on experience partnering with our clients to bring viable solutions to their business. We are a global team of earnings enhancement experts, ready to guide your institution to increased earnings and a more profitable future.

Cliff McKee


As Chairman, Cliff is responsible for overseeing Profit Insight’s global services and solutions. He leads the company's corporate strategy development and execution including product/service development and joint ventures/partnerships.  Cliff brings over 30 years’ experience in consulting and banking and guides our executive team to ensure our clients’ success.

George White

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, George is responsible for Profit Insight’s global business activities including growth and expansion in more than 50 countries.  Based in the UK, he brings more than 30 years international retail banking experience to develop new business opportunities, joint ventures, partnerships, and global diversification of Profit Insight's services and solutions. 

Chip Messick

President | North America

As President of North America, Chip is responsible for developing and growing partnerships with leading financial institutions. He is a highly accomplished financial services executive with 25+ years’ experience delivering profitable P&L growth in retail financial services, payments, and information services industries.  As an expert on all aspects of credit cards and unsecured lending, Chip delivers industry leading initiatives that drive P&L growth in the highly competitive North America market.  

Karen Salisbury, PMP

Head of Global Delivery

As Head of Global Delivery, Karen is responsible for leading Profit Insight’s engagement teams and partnering with clients to bring solutions to improve their performance.  She brings over 20 years of payments industry expertise, which includes leadership and management consulting experience focused on Operations, Financial Performance and Optimization, Program/Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Change Management.

Darla Davis

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer, Darla is responsible for the company’s strategic financials/budgeting, global client/vendor contract administration, accounting, marketing, and corporate tax reporting. She is experienced in a wide range of roles across several professional services industries.


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