We Are Different


We are not pure data-analysts or theoretical business consultants.


We do not believe in wasting months of clients’ time asking questions and then feeding our clients’ answers back to them in weighty documents, leaving them to work out what to do next. PROFIT INSIGHT’s focus is on quickly identifying opportunities by analyzing the data coming out of PI3, interpreting this to devise strategies that generate value, then working with clients through implementation. PI3 then enables this PROFIT INSIGHT/Client partnership to track results.


PROFIT INSIGHT is so confident in our ability to deliver results, working as we do on a success-fee basis, hence our products and services pay for themselves.


  1. PROFIT INSIGHT pulls clients’ data together from multiple sources, then uses standard office tools, such as Excel®, Tableau® etc., to provide easy, democratized, user-defined access to all data as and when required through PI3.
  2. PROFIT INSIGHT applies its knowledge and experience of over 40 years in payments to include an extensive range of self-serve measures and dimensions “out-of-the-box” to help clients run their retail banking portfolio - greatly reducing the need for analyst resources.
  3. PROFIT INSIGHT helps clients analyze and interpret the output to identify earnings opportunities.
  4. PROFIT INSIGHT develops strategies designed to grow your business by way of increased transactions, enhanced revenues and the early identification of critical losses.
  5. PROFIT INSIGHT works with clients to implement and track the strategies we identify 360-degree support to help you grow your business.