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About Us


PROFIT INSIGHT® helps financial executives improve performance in three areas of their business – Banking, Experience and Payments. Seasoned analysts leverage their expertise in revenue assurance, product rationalization, advanced analytics and operational efficiency to improve overall profitability.

PROFIT INSIGHT® provides consumer banks, credit unions and other financial institutions with customized strategies and solutions to reduce revenue leakage, improve customer retention, increase customer acquisition, enhance revenue streams and lower operating costs. Experienced experts develop these strategies with no preconceived notions or prior assumptions using a wholly objective examination to analyze all aspects of a business and its market environment. It is a holistic approach to finding new financial opportunities. After brief and focused on-site collaborations, customers may implement one or more of the new opportunities that best fit their current business climate.







Since 1973, PROFIT INSIGHT® has been providing custom profitability and performance consultation to partners worldwide. Our targeted solutions have generated more than $40 billion in incremental profits to partners on six continents.



Banking Solutions

Lift™ - Deposit performance optimization

AIM™ - Merger and acquisition management

MAXCap™ - Commercial account optimization


Experience Solutions

OneCall™ - Call center IVR optimization

WorkOUT™ - Process optimization


Payment Solutions

CardMore™ - Card product performance optimization

CardObedience™ - Card terms and pricing review

LevelBest™ - Platform optimization

TopCard™ - Debit card optimization

TransAction™ - Merchant acquiring optimization



The hallmark of our services is a swift understanding of a client’s business and unique needs. Capitalizing on decades of experience, we offer the strength of experts who are prepared to craft distinct and profitable initiatives for your organization. Over the years, we have helped our clients realize market-leading increases in earnings, share price, and market capitalization.

Headquartered in North Carolina, we have expanded to numerous market segments, servicing clients from offices throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia.  Moreover, this growth—and, more importantly, that of our partners—has weathered six significant economic downturns since our inception.