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Has the global pandemic had a serious effect on your financial performance?

Don’t go at it alone.

We help financial institutions identify and implement opportunities to increase their bottom line.

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When revenues are declining and costs are rising, it can be difficult to see a clear path to growth.
We can help.


in 50+ countries across 6 continents


incremental revenue generated for clients.


experience in the banking and payments industry.

It’s time to thrive

Grow your revenue and reduce your costs.

Due to the complex nature of the banking and payments industry, the challenges you face are quite natural. Our proven data-driven approach allows us to examine your portfolios objectively, giving you a fresh perspective and helping generate a significant boost to your bottom line.


How your data leads to profitable decisions.

Data-Driven Advisory

We combine our global banking and payments experience with data analysis expertise using data-mining tools and explanatory and predictive modeling to develop customized tactical solutions that deliver measurable improvements to your bottom line. When you understand your data, you can leverage it to make smarter, more profitable decisions.

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Serving banks, credit unions, issuers, and more...

As an executive in the banking and payments industry, you may often be faced with a shortage of time and resources to examine every component of your products. With over 45 years of global experience in the payments industry, PROFIT INSIGHT understands these challenges. Our fresh perspective saves time and adds significant value to your bottom line. 

Consumer Banking

Throughout all banking operations, growth opportunities exist in obscure places. We turn over every stone to identify opportunities to increase the profitability of your portfolios.

Credit Cards

Whether a new or existing card program, we optimize your product’s performance with strategies to create account growth, boost cardholder usage and engagement, and improve revenue. We help you realize the full potential of your card portfolios.


Your payment systems could be operating more efficiently. We evaluate and optimize your payment eco-system and provide you with insight and actions to reduce costs and generate incremental revenue.


Financial institutions around the world,
just like yours, are generating more
incremental revenue.

We bring a fresh perspective by working alongside our clients around the world to provide an in-depth review of their existing portfolios. We bring new ideas and global best practices to our clients to provide cost-saving and revenue enhancing strategies to improve your financial performance.

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Case Studies

Success stories from our clients around the world.

“PROFIT INSIGHT generated 70 recommendations worth more than $75 million annually for a large North American retail bank with a multi-state footprint”


A large North American retail bank

Earnings Optimization - Deposits and Card

“National Bank in South Africa increases revenues while facing new regulations because PROFIT INSIGHT delivered strategies worth a collective annual benefit of ZAR180 million” 

National Bank in South Africa

Earnings Optimization – Deposits, Card, Current Account

PROFIT INSIGHT helped a Top 15 North American card issuer gain $40 million per year in incremental revenue."

A Top 15 North American card issuer

Earnings Optimization

After working with PROFIT INSIGHT, this leading UK card issuer exceeded revenue goals by 70% achieving immediate earnings improvement.

Leading UK card issuer

Earnings Optimization – Card
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Our Insights

Stay ahead on the latest trends in earnings optimization.

April 27, 2022
Central banks have raised short-term interest rates with more increases expected throughout 2022 which will boost bank earnings and offer a
March 16, 2022
Banks and credit unions posted record returns in 2021 but a combination of inflation and reduced fee income may challenge 2022 performance.
January 26, 2022
For decades banks have used overdraft and NSF fee income to drive earnings. Now that this is ending, what will banks do?


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We create a customized set of tactical solutions to help you enhance earnings, and we work alongside your team to ensure a successful implementation.

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Ongoing Partnership

We continue to proactively monitor your portfolios’ performance and bring new ideas to help you thrive. We become a trusted partner invested in your long-term success.