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Case Studies

A large, fast-growing North American credit union increased annual earnings by over $3 million per year

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This credit union had its sights set on becoming one of the largest in North America and recognized they needed to seek efficiencies across the business and improve financial performance to accomplish this goal. See how PROFIT INSIGHT supported this effort.

The Business Challenge

A credit union with an expansive regional footprint had plans to triple its assets within five years and become one of the largest in North America. Senior management, including the CEO, believed their many manual processes, heavily concentrated in the back office and in the branches, inhibited growth and kept them from providing the superior level of service their members cherished. All recommended strategies would be evaluated not only for the value they would generate, but also had to be consistent with their organizational objective to bring enhanced quality to member service.

How Profit Insight Helped

Profit Insight reviewed all banking products, services and operations with a particular focus on retail deposits, exception processing, branch activities, fee assessment and waivers.

Engagement Results

Identified and recommended 18 strategies across multiple areas of the credit union worth nearly $6 million in annual performance lift.  

Client ultimately implemented 11 of the strategies with annual value of over $3 million per year.


  • Several accepted strategies were implemented almost immediately, while the balance were installed within a year of initial presentation.
  • Our client was profoundly impressed both by the immediate financial benefits generated by implemented strategies, but also because several recommended initiatives would contribute to longer term performance and aligned with the company’s strategic objectives of increasing back office and branch efficiency.
  • During the engagement, Profit Insight discovered several member-facing business decisions in the branches and call centers, which benefitted certain account holders at the expense of others. Included in our work product were recommendations to standardize decisions relating to these activities which created a measurable lift in member satisfaction.
  • The CEO was extremely impressed with Profit Insight’s work, introductions to several other credit unions were promptly made, which has led to multiple other engagements in the market.

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