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Case Studies

Australia retail department store with outstanding balances of $150 million

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Strategies from PROFIT INSIGHT helped increase credit card revenues by 30%, significantly exceeding client expectations.

The Business Challenge

An Australian retailer with a growing portfolio and multiple stores across Australia was looking to increase customer spend and generate incremental revenue.

How Profit Insight Helped

Profit Insight was engaged to investigate additional opportunities beyond ideas already implemented by the client’s internal staff to maximize revenue without inhibiting retail sales. The consulting team studied the store’s operating environment and completed an analysis of the products and procedures, product set-up, systems parameters and cardholder profiles.

Engagement Results

Despite restrictive conditions and a unique product offering, Profit Insight provided strategies that would increase credit card revenue by over 30%. Over 10 strategies were recommended with a first-year benefit exceeding $6 million.

25% of recommended strategies, the value could be achieved using existing systems and operational capabilities and 75% would only require minimal system modifications.


  • Primary focus was to help increase in-store purchase volume within the client’s footprint, optimizing spend at retail stores. Principal line of business was retail sales so increasing purchases of in store products through using the retailers’ card.
  • Profit Insight introduced the concept of instalment payments which helped increase average transaction size and provided greater value through enhanced features to the client’s existing product.

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