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Case Studies

PROFIT INSIGHT helped this Eastern European card issuer go from 0% balance growth to sustainable 34.6% balance growth

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Immediate implementation after working with PROFIT INSIGHT helped this card issuer achieve consistent revenue growth by using data-driven customer-based profitability models.

The Business Challenge

Client was experiencing zero balance growth and declining card revenue during the previous 24 months. Executive Management provided directives to look at ways of introducing revolving balances, develop sustainable revenue growth, improve operating efficiencies, develop new products and services for cardholders and provide a data-driven customer-based profitability model. 

There were limited resources within the client’s organization to assist with data extracts and databases needed to develop analytical profitability models for earnings optimization.

This high performing organization was part of a much larger European banking group and required solutions that provide substantial income while also align with the bank’s overall marketing strategy.

How Profit Insight Helped

Through expedited discovery sessions with the client, Profit Insight worked collaboratively to build insightful profitability models for charge cards and traditional revolving product types including recommending a new installment loan program to address stagnant charge card spend.

Profitability models provided also included customer risk profiles and balanced score cards.

Engagement Results 

Profit Insight identified 37 earnings enhancement opportunities; 11 were presented to the bank’s executive management, with 3 ideas implemented in the current fiscal year and an additional 4 were slated for implementation in 2021.

Consistent and sustainable balance growth of 34.6% was achieved over a 24-month period following implementation.

An organization-wide customer value management model was put in place and targeted profitability strategies were launched.

Analytical modeling was applied to client and product data sets using Profit Insight’s PI3 data analytics platform, resulting in generating several leakage correction strategies and earnings enhancement strategies. 


  • Engagement results illustrated misalignment with the client’s product design and customer spending habits which was limiting account spend.
  • Introduced a series of KPI’s for use by management to easily analyze spend and drive account acquisition.
  • Additional systemic errors were corrected resulting in elimination of revenue leakage.


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