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How this top 10 North American bank mortgage lender optimized their revenue streams

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Profit Insight helped this top 10 North American bank mortgage lender identify over $20 million of annual benefit value in an intense and aggressive competitive market.

The Business Challenge

This top 10 North American bank offers a broad and deep portfolio of sophisticated mortgage products in a low interest rate and low margin environment with intense and aggressive competition from numerous bank and non-bank competitors. Combined with strict government regulations, the client was challenged to identify ways to improve bottom line performance without negatively impacting its reputation in the market. As part of their strategy to help offset this market challenge, the bank engaged Profit Insight to identify and implement strategies to help drive future growth as well as meet internal cost reduction objectives.

How Profit Insight Helped

Profit Insight completed an end to end review of the mortgage business from sales and marketing through origination and funding and servicing. The engagement team conducted an extensive competitive market review of the client’s products as well as those of competitors including comparisons by type, product structure, marketing materials, loan documentation and servicing.

Engagement Results

Profit Insight identified a variety of opportunity and formally presented 8 strategies for consideration with annual value of $30 million. These opportunities included changes in calculation routines, enhancements to product structures, modifications to marketing approaches to new customers as well as changes in sales approaches to existing clients nearing mandatory refinancing deadlines.

The client ultimately accepted 3 strategies for implementation with first year annual value of $20 million.


  • Despite the expansive scale of the review, completion of the analysis, and the final strategy presentation was performed in 15 weeks from project kickoff.
  • Weekly discussions with key business stakeholders allowed the engagement team to incorporate feedback specifically addressing both enhancements to possible recommendations but also the practicality of implementing changes into the rhythm of the business. By using an agile type of approach, the process of honing the list of recommendations to those most likely to fit the client’s business approach and long-term strategy was condensed leading to earlier generation of financial benefit.

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