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Case Studies

A Top 25 North American Card Issuer streamlined their credit card operations for more efficient system functionality

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PROFIT INSIGHT’s end-to-end review of the client’s operations identified 24 new opportunities to take advantage of enhanced functionality following conversion to a new platform as well as modifying existing activity to more efficient practices.

The Business Challenge

Top 25 North American credit card issuer was seeking optimal performance to ensure a strong ROI post system conversion to a different card processing platform. Additionally, our client needed to improve turnaround times for system changes and gain insight into best practice for utilizing and optimizing new system functionality.

How Profit Insight Helped

Profit Insight completed an end to end review of various business areas and affiliated functions which included authorizations, new product set-up, reporting, product features and pricing for multiple portfolios residing on different processing platforms.

Engagement Results

Identified 24 opportunities to take best advantage of new systems and corresponding functionality while also modifying processes to enable automation and eliminate overlapping/redundant activities. Recommendations also included establishing a defined approach for program and project management and revising the operational team structure.


  • Our client needed to quickly come up to speed on capabilities in order to take advantage of greater flexibility for card portfolios and achieve ROI target.
  • Profit Insight’s familiarity with the card management system helped condense the engagement timeframe, which meant Profit Insight presented recommendations far quicker than anticipated, enabling the client to make changes more easily.
  • In addition to capturing process changes, setting modifications and operating structure enhancements, Profit Insight identified several quick-hit, strategies resulting in >$500K in annual revenue lift, which created funding for current projects and future financial results.

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