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Insights Series

Explore market updates for bank and financial institutions who are looking to uncover incremental earnings enhancement opportunities

Central banks have raised short-term interest rates with more increases expected throughout 2022 which will boost bank earnings and offer a...
Banks and credit unions posted record returns in 2021 but a combination of inflation and reduced fee income may challenge 2022 performance....

Overdraft Income: Gone Baby Gone!

For decades banks have used overdraft and NSF fee income to drive earnings. Now that this is ending, what will banks do?
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BNPL: Can Banks Compete?

BNPL has grown exponentially and can allow banks to provide greater flexibility to existing customers but also allow fintechs to further
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Ready to Thrive - NOW

Community banks and credit unions play a critical role in the success of the markets they serve. So how to thrive in the coming months?
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Improving Card Performance In Challenging Times

In 2021 financial institutions are experiencing reduced revenue from their card portfolios as balances are paid down by consumers. Looking
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Being a Consultant During a Pandemic….

Just about everyone on our team has been in consulting for many years – in some cases decades - and have seen how markets change,
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Behavioral Economics or Behavioral Health ?

In 2002 psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky won a Nobel Price for their work in developing the Prospect Theory in the late 70’s
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You’ve read so many blogs…now what?

Four months ago, things seemed good, right? Banks in the U.S. and Canada entered the COVID-19 crisis with relatively strong capital and
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